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Keeping Up with the Joneses

Each Month Keeping Up Will Have a Different Focus. Topics May Include:

  • Setting goals
  • Love & money
  • Savings
  • Tax planning
  • Teaching your kids about money
  • Planning for college

And more!




Keeping Up with the Joneses

Meet the Joneses!

In January 2014, mpowered and Bellco launched a public awareness campaign entitled Keeping Up with the Joneses An honest look inside the American family. It is our hope that this exciting new campaign will help change the public conversation around money management and financial education in Colorado, while spreading the word about mpowered’s services and the helpful tools available to all of us when it comes to managing our finances.
Keeping up with the Joneses (Keeping Up) offers an honest look inside the finances of today’s American family. The ‘Joneses’ have two kids, a home mortgage and decent jobs. As they hit bumps in their financial road, they are learning to balance saving with spending, and the importance of understanding the whole financial picture.
Driven by Colorado-based nonprofit mpowered, and presented by our corporate partner BellcoKeeping Up is designed to encourage people to think, act, and feel differently about their money by revealing honest facts, tools and answers to common financial questions. Keeping Up reminds us all money is a subject that should be discussed, so we aren’t just keeping up for today, but getting ahead for tomorrow.
The campaign will be promoted at key times throughout 2014 via a variety of different platforms – including the local media (through our media partners 9News and Lincoln Financial radio stations), inside of Bellco’s Colorado branches, and through other online platforms. 
Each topic and promotional piece will provide the public with different strategies for talking to your family about money. We will also be sharing first-hand experiences from real Colorado families who are participating in Financial Coaching, a helpful tool for getting a handle on your personal finances and planning ahead for all that life might throw your way.
Stay tuned for more exciting developments at  
Thank you for joining us in our mission to empower families and individuals to think, act, and feel differently about their money!