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Effective May 31, 2020 mpowered is closed. We are grateful for the community‚Äôs support in our work to empower people to transform their financial futures and encourage you to continue working towards Financial Security for all.   If you are interested in scheduling a no-cost financial coaching appointment, please contact the Denver Financial Empowerment Center at 720.944.2498 or

Our Mission

To empower people to transform their financial futures.

Why Choose mpowered?

  • We’re a Nonprofit
  • We’re Local
  • We’re Qualified
  • We’re Trusted

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Our Values

  • Show Up
  • Get Real
  • Work Together
  • Be the Change
  • Move Forward
  • Steady on

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Who We Are

A Nonprofit Organization

To empower people to transform their financial futures.

mpowered's vision is to create Financial Security for All.  We believe that when people are empowered to set their own financial goals, they will own their success and will make important and informed financial decisions. With better decisions come better outcomes and better outcomes lead to a better life for themselves and their families.

Since 2002, mpowered has provided affordable programs to help more than 60,000 people make informed financial choices and create financial security. With locations throughout Metro Denver, mpowered is a leader in financial education and champions financial security as one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. Our services include individual financial coaching, debt management plans, credit check-ups, and personal finance classes.  learn more >

Our clients tell us that our most valuable service is hope and support in the midst of difficult circumstances.