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Credit Score

Credit Check-Up

See your credit reports and scores and get a personalized analysis with specific tips & tools to improve your score.  

A Credit Check-Up  includes:

  • Soft pull, review and analysis of all three credit reports and FICO scores
  • Explanation and analysis of your credit score
  • Identification of what information to verify for accuracy
  • Insight into how information is added to your credit file
  • Information for how to build a strong credit foundation
  • A customized plan outlining steps to take to maximize your FICO score
  • An opportunity to enroll in mpowered's financial coaching program
Call us at (303) 233-2773 to schedule a Credit Check-Up appointment with one of our certified personal finance coaches or email us at

Why is credit important?

Your credit can affect your ability to:

  • Purchase a home or car,
  • Rent an apartment,
  • Obtain security clearance,
  • Qualify for favorable insurance rates, and
  • Get a new job.

Learn more in our online Credit Education Tutorial!