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Effective May 31, 2020 mpowered is closed. We are grateful for the community’s support in our work to empower people to transform their financial futures and encourage you to continue working towards Financial Security for all.   If you are interested in scheduling a no-cost financial coaching appointment, please contact the Denver Financial Empowerment Center at 720.944.2498 or

Debt Destroyer

Ready to be done with your debt for good? Use our Debt Destroyer to see how you can pay down your debts faster and easier! Select your creditors from the drop down menu and enter the balance and monthly payment for each debt, then click “Calculate.”

Creditor Name Balance Payment
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Aargon Agency82
Advanta Bank Corp182.5
Allied Interstate, Inc.82
Alpine Credit Inc82
Amazon/GE Capital102.5
American Express7.992.13
Ann Taylor/Wfnnb103
Applied Bank213
Asset Acceptance LLC83
Associated Recovery Systems82
AT&T Universal/Citi9.92.3
Banana Republic/GE Capital Dual172.5
Bank Of America162.25
BC Services, Inc.810
Bellco Credit Union103
Bill Me Later182.1
Budget Control Services, Inc82
Cabela's Club102
Capital Management Services, Inc.82
Capital One14.92.4
Chevron/GE Capital102.5
Childrens Place/Citibank NA9.92.3
Commerce Bank Card Center102.5
Compass Bank123
Conoco/Citibank Na9.92.3
Coors Credit Union103
Credit Collection Services102
Credit First Na9.93
Credit One Bank93
Credit Service Company Inc82
David Bauer Atty203
Dell Financial Services203
Denver Community Credit Union103
Dillard's/GE Capital9.92.5
Dress Barn/Wfnnb103
Enhanced Recovery Corporation82
Er Solutions, Inc.82
Exempla Healthcare82
Farrell & Seldin203
Fashion Bug/Spirit Of America103
First Bank11.153
First Financial Bank Usa102.5
First National Bank Omaha11.92.5
First National Credit Card9.93
First Premier Bank9.93
GAP/GE Capital102.5
GE Capital172.5
Home Depot/Citibank9.92.3
HRS USA Retail Services92.3
JC Penney/GE Capital18.742.5
Juniper Bank9.92.5
Lane Bryant/Wfnnb7.993
Liberty Acquistions82
Lowe's/GE Money162.5
Machol & Johannes203
Medicredit Corporation82
Men's Wearhouse/GE Cap172.5
Merrick Bank123
Midland Credit Management Inc.83
Midnight Velvet102
Military Star12.53
Monroe & Main02
Nco Financial Services83
New York & Co/Wfnnb103
Newport News/Wfnnb103
Northstar Location Services83
Old Navy/GE Money Bank172.5
Onemain Financial2010
P. Scott Lowery203
PayPal Plus/GE152.5
Phillips 66/Citibank9.92.3
Plotkin & Plotkin203
Portfolio Recovery Associates82
Premier Members Credit Union143
Professional Finance Company82
Public Service Credit Union133
Quest Diagnostics82
RBS Card Services102.5
Revenue Enterprises, LLC82
Sams Discover182.5
Sams/GE Consumer Finance162.5
Sawaya, Rosa & Sawaya PC203
Sentry Credit Inc.82
Shell/Texaco Citibank9.92.3
Silverman Law Firm, P.C.203
Sisters Of Charity Of Leavenworth Health System82
Sky Ridge Medical Center82
Sooper Credit Union103
Springleaf Financial Services82.5
State Farm Bank102.5
Swedish Medical Center82
Target Retail Card82.2
Target Visa/RNB82.75
Toys R Us72.2
Umb Visa102.5
United Recovery Systems82
US Bank7.42
USAA American Express33
USAA Credit Card Services33
Vectra Bank102.5
Victoria's Secret/Wfnnb103
Wakefield & Associates82
Walmart/GE Capital152.5
Wells Fargo Bank102.2
Wells Fargo Credit Card7.32.2
Wells Fargo Financial Bank11.92
West Asset Management82
Western Control Services Inc82
Westerra Credit Union103
Zales/Citibank NA9.92.3