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mpowered is here for you ! Contact us at 303.233.2773 to schedule a no-cost financial coaching appointment over the phone or online.
Partner With Us

Our Partners

Thanks to support from our current partners, financial education is becoming a top priority in our community!

Partner with Us

Together we can achieve great things!  Mpowered works closely with financial institutions, local governments, community organizations and other individuals that share our vision and support our financial education efforts across the State of Colorado. 

See a list of our current partners.

If your organization is looking for a new partnership to advance financial stability and literacy in our local community, please contact us today!

A community partner typically supports mpowered by:

  • Referring individuals and families to mpowered for financial coaching,
  • Inviting mpowered to present financial education classes to their clients and/or staff,
  • Partnering with mpowered on local initiatives to promote financial literacy.

Consider becoming a mpowered partner to expand the resources you provide to your constituents!  We meet one-on-one with your referrals to provide holistic and practical financial coaching so that they can see a way forward.  We can also conduct classes and trainings for your clients and/or staff.  See personal finance classes for more information.