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Dealing with Debt

Tired of living with debt? Ready to stop giving a huge chunk of each paycheck to lenders instead of keeping your hard-earned income for you and your family?

Mpowered believes that the use of debt should be purposeful and affordable. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow morning with no car loan, no student loans, no credit card debt, and a house that was paid for?

Options for getting out of debt depend on the type of debt you have: 

Credit Cards, Medical Bills, & Collections

These debts can feel overwhelming but a debt management plan (DMP) can offer relief.

Student Loans

Paying back student loan debt can be complex. Make an appointment for a free financial coaching session today to explore your options.

Foreclosure, Garnishments, or Insurmountable Debt

Bankruptcy can be an effective solution in the right circumstance. Click here to learn more, or start your pre or post-filing course. 

Home Loans, Car Loans, and Tax Debt

Each of these debts can impact the budget in a different way. Make a free appointment with a personal finance coach to get an assessment of your situation or referrals to the appropriate resource.