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Did You Know?

Your credit score, once used exclusively by credit grantors to make lending decisions, is now used by a wide range of organizations to make financial and nonfinancial decisions affecting you.  Keep reading!


Credit Education Tutorial


There are five areas in your financial life of which you should be aware and in control:

  • Income – money that comes into your life
  • Expenses – money that goes out of your life
  • Debt – time you spend working for others
  • Assets – things you own
  • Credit Score – number that measures your reputation as a borrower

It’s important to monitor your budget (income minus expenses) and net worth (assets minus debts) on an ongoing basis.  You may have heard that you should also be keeping an eye on your credit score.  You know these reasons:

  • When you apply for a loan the lender will look at your credit score to determine your likelihood of repaying the loan. 
  • When you apply to rent an apartment your landlord will ask to do a credit check.  
  • You may also have been asked to allow a company to pull your credit in order to turn on a cell phone.

However, did you know that a low credit score could limit your security clearance levels for government and military jobs?  Did you know that a potential employer could decline you for a job based solely on your credit score? A low score could also force you to pay extra-high rates for auto insurance despite a flawless driving record. 

By the end of this online course you will not only understand many of the in and outs of the credit scoring system, you will also be empowered to enjoy the benefits a superior credit rating!

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