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Effective May 31, 2020 mpowered is closed. We are grateful for the community’s support in our work to empower people to transform their financial futures and encourage you to continue working towards Financial Security for all.   If you are interested in scheduling a no-cost financial coaching appointment, please contact the Denver Financial Empowerment Center at 720.944.2498 or

Recommended Reading

  • 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Economics Click to expand

    by Peter Sander

    What you don't know about economics can hurt you--now more than ever. This easy-to-understand guide answers all the questions you need to know to secure your financial future, such as:

    • What does it mean to my paycheck when the Fed lowers or raises interest rates?
    • What's the difference between bonds, securities, and derivatives--and which should I invest in now?
    • What does Keynesian economics have to do with my savings?

    For those people whose heads spin when reading the business pages of the newspaper, here's a roadmap through the economic jungle. In simple, plain language, Peter Sander explains how economies work, why they grow, how they contract, and what the government can and can't do to help them. Most important, he tells you how all this affects you--and what kind of changes you're going to see in your finances as a result.

  • The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom/ *Mantén tu dinero seguro Click to expand

    by Suze Orman

    In her nine-step program, Orman covers the ingredients to financial success--confronting our beliefs and fears, learning the nuts and bolts (and insiders secrets!) of savvy management, and finding the spiritual trust that leads to abundance.

  • Average Family's Guide to Financial Freedom: How You Can Save a Small Fortune on a Modest Income Click to expand

    by Bill Toohey and Mary Toohey

    The Tooheys, named among the "Best Personal Finance Managers in America" by Money magazine, offer practical advice on how average families, with children, in debt, with modest incomes, can take control of their financial lives. Putting their own advice into action, they amassed $467,000 in 8 years on an income of $65,000. They show you how to turn your average income into above-average wealth.

  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Money Click to expand

    by Robert K. Heady, Christy Heady, and Hugo Ottolenghi

    Don't be offended by the title. This plainly written book shows that anybody can learn to manage their money effectively, and is full of consumer tips, advice on mortgages, debt, mutual funds, auto loans, bank fees, credit cards, and other money related matters.

  • Couples and Money: A Couples' Guide, Updated for the New Millennium Click to expand

    by Dr. Victoria Collins

    As a psychologist and a Certified Financial Planner, Dr. Victoria Collins brings a unique perspective to solutions for couples, married or unmarried, who are in dispute about financial issues. The book includes practical advice, worksheets, and true stories that will help couples achieve financial harmony and work toward common financial goals.

  • Courage To Be Rich: Creating Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance Click to expand

    by Suze Orman

    This is not a nuts and bolts book about money, but rather a look at the emotional and psychological barriers that keep us from realizing our full financial potential. The book is for those who have not yet taken control of their financial future because they are being held back by negative feelings surrounding money.

  • Families Under Financial Stress Click to expand

    By Angela Sasseville, MA, LPC, NCC

     The winner of multiple book awards, Families Under Financial Stress has been declared a powerful book for couples & parents:  “Angela Sasseville’s personal journey, informed by her experience as a professional counselor, is full of important lessons for so many Americans who find their relationships shaken by money problems.  The result is a readable, useful resource that can help families navigate these financial storms.”  -David Brancaccio, public radio and television journalist

  • Financial Peace: Restoring Financial Hope to You and Your Family Click to expand

    by Dave Ramsey

    The author's own experience with debt and bankruptcy is the backdrop for the story of his journey from financial riches to loss of everything and then to survival when he found new success through his counseling efforts, which are framed by his religious beliefs. Ramsey determined that his personal experience with financial pain was an ideal foundation for a career in assisting consumers in handling debt. The reader learns that it takes considerable sacrifice, discipline, and patience to control money, and Ramsey contends that a huge percentage of Americans, caught in a web of instant gratification, need help in managing their finances. The core of the book reflects on 25 principles, which the author calls "peace puppies," great creatures that are eager to please and love their master but, without discipline, will become wild and mean. These puppies include avoiding the worship of money, giving money away to worthy causes, living substantially below one's income, and laying out written details of a cash-management plan.

  • The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out Click to expand

    by Julie Murphy Casserly

    This book is based upon an insight that's literally turning the financial services industry upside down. It's the notion that we each have specific emotions, or emotional patterns, attached to money that were imprinted on us before we even had a choice to have a checking account. Whether you personally recognize this or not, today those emotions impact every financial decision you face. They are responsible for how you make money and how you keep it, or whether, as is often the case, it seems to go out the door faster than it comes in. Amazingly, those feelings are not just fleeting reactions; they actually influence how much money you'll make and amass throughout your entire life! The purpose of this book is to help you recognize your emotions behind money, and likewise help you discover healthier ways to respond to those feelings. Through everyday language, lively anecdotes, and engaging exercises it will: - Help you see your life and your money through a different lens; - Empower you to align your financial destiny by living from the inside out; - Teach you how to discover and define what you truly desire to live abundantly.

  • Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties Click to expand

    by Beth Kobliner

    If you've been meaning to get your finances in shape but have no idea where to start, this is your playbook: Get a Financial Life busts open the system, teaching tricks for becoming master of your own money universe. No matter what's happening in the economy, all the guidance you need is right here.  From tracking your spending to finding deals on insurance to navigating the new world of homebuying, this easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide provides an up-to-date road map of the world of personal finance. Whether you earn $30,000 or $300,000, are single or married, are drowning in debt or just looking for ways to keep your savings secure in uncertain times, you'll find the answers you need in Get a Financial Life.