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  • Keeping Up with
    the Joneses

    Join us as we take an honest look into the finances of the average American family.

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  • Helping COLORADANS
    get financially fit.

    Get a personal coach for your finances!
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    Gauge your level of financial stress. Learn the tools
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  • Debt-FREE Living

    Imagine a life without debt. You choose
    what to do each day, where to go, and
    how to earn a living - on your terms.

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  • Teaching COLORADO about Money

    We are quickly becoming Colorado's
    number-one provider of adult financial
    education. Contact us to set up a
    presentation for your group this year!

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Thanks again for everything. I would nowhere near this point if you guys had not put me on the right track. I am so appreciative for mpowered, and helping me get myself to a debt free life! Woo hoo! I haven’t been there since I got my first credit card at 18!! Sad fact, but true. Thanks again!" Kelley

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Smart phone, happy wallet

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Staff Contributor:
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Sep 18, 2014