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  • Keeping Up with
    the Joneses

    Join us as we take an honest look into the finances of the average American family.

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  • Helping COLORADANS
    get financially fit.

    Get a personal trainer for your money!
    Set goals, get support,and achieve
    what you've always wanted.

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  • Financially stressed?

    Gauge your level of financial stress. Learn the tools
    and access the resources to reduce your stress now!

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  • Debt-FREE Living

    Imagine a life without debt. You choose
    what to do each day, where to go, and
    how to earn a living - on your terms.

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  • Teaching COLORADO about Money

    We are quickly becoming Colorado's
    number-one provider of adult financial
    education. Contact us to set up a
    presentation for your group this year!

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Debt Destroyer

Use the Debt Destroyer to quickly see how soon you could be out of debt!

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How do I reduce my debt load?

Get started today! Enter your debt balances and the Debt Destroyer will do the rest.  


How do I improve my credit?

Your credit score can significantly affect your ability to qualify for a home loan approval and a low interest rate. Our Homebuyer Education program can help you improve your credit rating.
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What is bankruptcy counseling?

If financial hardship has forced you to look at personal bankruptcy protection, we provide both required courses: The Credit Counseling session before you file and the Debtor Education course before your case is discharged.
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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"My credit score is 749! You guys are so great, you helped me make my credit look really good!" Katie

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Facing Your Financial Reality

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Staff Contributor:
Amy Fidelis
Apr 23, 2014